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20. Feb 2016

Yes it's me...

Päge ;-)

Hey there... I recently changed my artist name from Pascal Inc. to Päge.

25. Jan 2016

Fumoir Intro Cubeat 7


A new DJ Set is now online. It's a live recording of my Set at Cubeat 7 in January 2016.

13. Mar 2015

Live at Cubeat #5 (Mar 2015)

Pascal Inc.

My new mix, a liverecording from Cubeat Vol. 5 is now online.

22. Mar 2014

Im Zeichen der Frühlings Anemone (Mar 2014)

Pascal Inc.

A new mix by me for You, boosted by spring fever...

11. Mar 2014

Ooops, almost forgot that...

Warmup Set (Jan 2014)

My warmup DJ Set for Hanne & Lore at Kiste Club in Baden is now online on Soundcloud and Mixcloud.

22. Sep 2013

Live at Nightshift (Sept 2013)

Pascal Inc.

My liveset from the Nightshift Party at Kiste Club in Baden is now online on my Soundcloud and Mixcloud pages.

21. May 2013

Just Pour Le Spass (May 2013)

Pascal Inc.

I hope you like this "summer evening jaunt" of a mix. Feedbacks are very welcome.

02. May 2013

MultiMomentStudie (May 2013)

Pascal Inc.

Hey friends! Summer is coming, so it's time for some new sounds... Enjoy the sun!

13. Apr 2013

Me on Mixcloud

Soundcloud has deleted my latest mix... So it's time to switch over to Mixcloud ;-)

19. Jan 2012

Tech A Ride Mix

Now online on Soundcloud

Happy 2012 my friends. This year we start with a 75minutes tech-house and techno djset.. Hope you like it.

20. Aug 2011

Mixsession August 2011

A Plenty Of Space 002

I just updated my soundcloud profile and added a brandnew deep techno and progressive house mix... enjoy!

18. Jun 2011

Deck Landing #002

Pascal Inc.

There is a new Progressive- & PsyBreaks DJ Mix "Deck Landing #002" online...

19. Mar 2011

Podcast latest DJSets

Subscribe to my podcast and don't miss any of my latest DJ-Sets.

10. Mar 2011

Deck Landing #001

Pascal Inc.

A 60mins DJmix with some of the finest breaks-tracks of these days...

08. Oct 2010

A Plenty Of Space Mix

Mixed by Paegster

A 2 hours soundtrip along some of the finest electronica tracks of 2010.

29. May 2010

Logariddim Records

Our new Breaks recordlabel

My friend Luk (Triple Agent) and me start our own breaks-recordlabel Logariddim Records.

08. May 2010

Pix from the past...

Silence Party Pictures

I found some older pictures from our first KOMA Prod. party Silence and added them to the gallery.

19. Apr 2010

Afterhour Trax 1

Available on Beatport

Bonzai's mastermind "Fly" created a new compilation called "Afterhour Trax".

30. Nov 2009

"Sonic" on Tranceplant 4

Released on Green Martian Rec.

The "Slusnik Luna Remix" of "Sonic" is now available on "Tranceplant - Laidback Trance - Seed 4"…


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